Article Marketing, Footer Links and More in 2012 and Beyond

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Where do all the recent Google changes leave old school SEO techniques such as Article Marketing, Footer Links, Widgets and other traditional well known techniques?

Have you given up article marketing because of Panda? Did you drop your Widget or theme distribution to escape or fix up a Penguin penalty? More importantly what is Google’s stance on these traditional techniques? Well here is a recent article by Matt Cutts explaining where they all fit into the equation

From what Matt says, Google focuses on the ‘choice’ or the ‘discretion’ of that Publisher to post that particular link with that exact anchor text. With Article marketing, there is little choice from the publisher about what link and what anchor text is displayed. This is the same for footer links, theme links, widgets and so on.

There is definitely an emphasis being placed on not forcing links on other webmasters, regardless of the capacity. The link needs to be deserved in order to be counted. First we need to work out what Google’s definition of ‘deserved’ is. Second, if Google is smart enough, then great content can really be the only answer.

The problem is that people will continue trying to find easy deserved links and look for the Steven Bradbury definition of deserved.

I have a feeling finding those cracks requires just as much work as if you were just to do the hard yards in the first place!

Sorry Steven, I couldn’t let that get away.

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