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Adwords reporting is probably the most frustrating part of the job I must say. Here at WMC we have had someone dedicated to pulling client reports every day which to say the least, is a grotesque waste of time. We would much rather put those resources to campaign optimisation as opposed to excel spreadsheet playing.

There has been a few systems which we have tested in an attempt to automate the process but nothing really that allowed the customisation and automation that we needed for it to be viable.

This was until we were heavily involved in the development of Jimmy data Adwords reporting solutions ( which is now the only way we report Adwords to clients. We played a big part in designing this software so naturally, we vouch for it. You basically sign in with your Google accounts, select a client and start building your reports via widgets.

The coolest part about it is by far the client dashboard and sharing element. This has completely changed the way we now report, moving away from PDF downloads or Excel docs, Live data sharing is super cool and the clients love it. I feel this is the way things will be moving and is only a matter of time before clients not only fully embrace it, but also start to demand it. Interesting to see how this takes off.

For Adwords reports automation, try Jimmy Data at

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