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It’s nothing new that Google allows you to ‘remarket’ to your current users through GDN and Search remarketing ¬†audiences within Adwords.

However did you know that Google also allows you to target ‘similar’ audiences? So after analysing your current audience, Google will then determine those that have similar interests to people visiting your website.

How does Google do this?

Well I could try and rehash what Google has already said but that won’t make much sense. Google stated:

AdWords looks at browsing activity on Display Network sites over the last 30 days, and uses this, along with our contextual engine, to understand the shared interests and characteristics of the people in your remarketing list. Based on this information, AdWords automatically finds new potential customers whose interests and characteristics are similar to those of people in your remarketing list. The more characteristics and interests that people in your remarketing lists share, the better similar audiences works.

This is possibly a great way to find new sources however its essential that you do not combine this data within the single adgroup and jumble up all the info. To take advantage of this targeting, set up a separate adgroup specifically created for the ‘similar’ audience list. Doing this will allow you to measure whether this list is a winner or not.

We will be testing a few campaigns using this audience and will report the findings here.

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