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Its finally happened! Google has acquired a massive pool of 1800 numbers and is finally providing call forwarding for call tracking directly within Adwords. This allows for calls to be included into your converted clicks so you know not only how many people submitted web leads, but also how many people clicked your ‘click to call’ buttons that actually lead to a phone call.

How do you set it up?

That is super easy. All you need to do is go to your Ad Extensions tab, select your call extensions and click the edit icon. You will now see this:

Google forwarding numbers

Google forwarding numbers

You will see a checkbox option that asks you to choose whether you want to have a Google forwarding numbers and use call reporting.

Select this. That’s it. Good to go. A long time coming, but only seconds to implement.

You can also choose to determine when you trigger a ‘conversion’ in terms of the duration of the phone call. In the above example we stated that a phone call has to be longer than 20 seconds in order to be regarded as a ‘Converted click’. As a default, Google has set this to 60 seconds.

What you need to know:

Few things you may want to know:

1. Its a 1800 number

2. Its Free to use

3. Call costs are still applicable

4. If you have caller ID enabled, you will still see the callers ID coming through (and not the 1800 diverting number)

5. The 1800 number remains yours for the life of your account. There may be pooling and swapping well down the track but we suggest you take and claim as many 1800 numbers as you possibly can!

6. It only becomes a ‘converted’ click only after the call duration is greater than the duration you have specified.

7. You can have as many 1800 numbers as you like.

8. Google doesn’t tell you what number has been assigned so you will need to do a search and write it down for each campaign/adgroup. This may change later however as to date, there is no where in Adwords where you can see or choose the 1800 number.

9. Did I mention its Free to use?

For now, thats about all the information you need to get started. We recommend you start using it asap and track those calls coming through.

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