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I have talked about it a lot over the past year, Google encryption is changing the face of tracking. Google has now gone full circle and shut off a lot of search query data we used to love.

Last year I spoke about and cleared up the (not provided) question. Then I put forward my thoughts about Google’s drop in average CPC‘s due possibly due to this encryption.

Well Google has closed the loop by announcing that all Google search will not be encrypted. That’s right, if you are searching on Google, your search query is encrypted.

Also another thing to note is that even with the latest change in Analytics which automatically detecting and differentiating PPC and Organic search, you MUST link up the accounts in order to see the keywords coming in. Otherwise, you guessed it, (not provided) will be all the data you see. Fun times.

Is there a work around? Yes there is!.. Pay for it.. of course.



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