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Lets give Dynamic Search ads a go they said. Lets give search remarketing a go they said. Lets combine them they probably said.

Ok, lets start with Google’s definition of what “Dynamic Search Ads” actually are:

Dynamic Search Ads target relevant searches with ads generated directly from your web site — dynamically. With Dynamic Search Ads, we keep a fresh index of your inventory using Google’s organic web crawling technology. When a relevant search occurs, we dynamically generate an ad with a headline based on the query, and the text based on your most relevant landing page.

Yes its cool. Google uses its index to work out what content you have and if the search query is related to something you are selling, or specific content on your site, then a relevant ad shows up. This would be a great way to test the market for what they want and how they search for what they want particularly if you are an eCommerce based business.

Now what if you were one of the largest news sites in Australia? What if you were the Sydney Morning Herald? You kind of have information about.. well.. everything! So Google will definitely have a fun time trying to show relevant ads to pretty much anyone searching anything in Sydney. I’m not going to try and look up search volume stats but I would say anywhere between 1000 – 100,000,000 searches daily that you could potentially show for. A lot of traffic and a lot of salivating potential.. for Google.

So here I am, trying to find info about domestic airport parking. I’m in Sydney and naturally, being in Sydney, searching for domestic airport parking, I should see results for Sydney airport parking and I do. All are giving me the information I want except for a big bold ad sitting with an Adrank of No.3. Check out this bad boy:

SMH Adwords Remarketing

Google sure did index the works on the So much in fact that its picked up an obscure article from August 2012 (over a year ago) about, of all things, Brisbane’s domestic airport parking changes.

I did actually click on the ad because I’m nosey and wanted to work out what was happening here. It sent me here:

Needless to say I was fascinated that Brisbane motorists can now get 20 minutes of free parking in a new short term car park! Not really.. I was more fascinated at the logic behind running such a campaign. With millions of pages of content, spread across World news through to food and holiday rentals, how could they benefit from this?

There are only a few logical (i’m pushing it here.. lets say semi logical) way to do this.

The first would be if I was re-marketed via search. Bring me back, read more (unrestricted content) pages. Ok cool.. I get it.

One thing I did notice is that I didn’t need to pay to view this article so is it an attempt to get me to fall in love with their great content? Was sending me through to a teaser article that was at most, ballpark, mud at the wall relevant to my search, a way to entice me to browse the site, get the message about it not being a free service anymore and then sign up? Let me just get my wallet..

I would love to view their search query data for this campaign just out of interest, THAT is something I would pay for!

I could be wrong about this whole thing and would be happy for someone from to correct me.

However since I saw this ad (about a week ago now), the campaign appears to be pulled. Good call.


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