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Interesting note about the data we are getting in the new Google adwords keyword planner compared with that of the external keyword tool. I recently wrote this article about geo based searches in the keyword planner only to find a discrepancy between the keyword tool and the data in the keyword planner.

I have attached below the screenshot of the data in the planner:

keyword planner discrepancy

Now I put the same search query in the old keyword tool and this is what I got:

Keyword tool discrepancy

Both are for searches in Australia for the same keyword. I checked the different match types in the Keyword tool and none of them match. The closest was the exact match of the keyword. I’ve checked all the other elements and setting options and I can’t see why there would be a variance.

I wonder if Google has changed the algorithm to determine the avg month volumes and whether the keyword planner is using the updated system compared to the older version utilised by the keyword tool. This leaves me to ask which one is the most accurate and what should we use for measurement.

I contacted Google about this and they simply told me to use the keyword planner as it was the most up-to-date tool. So it looks like the algo for search volume has changed for Adwords as well.

If someone has a more definitive answer about this then I’d love to know!

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