What is Adwords and SEM?

Pay Per Click (PPC & SEM for short) is a performance based advertising medium where you place targeted ads to people search for your products or services online.

As the name suggests, you only pay when someone clicks your ad and using Google’s ‘Adwords’ platform, you can tap into an abundance of traffic search for your business, anywhere in the world. Pretty cool right?

All our PPC campaigns are set up with transparency, control and the best return on your investment in mind. We have an attention to detail when it comes to campaign performance and we continue to amend, test and evaluate to ensure that you have the best performing campaign possible.

The people looking after your campaign are all Google certified and Adwords qualified professionals. We don’t rely on automated scripts like many others, but treat each campaign individually for the best results every time.

Why choose us?

No Contract based service

We do not lock you into a contract and our arrangement are rolling month on month. This gives you the peace of mind in case your situation changes. It also shows we are confident in our services that we don't feel the need!

Phone and Email Support

We are not a set and forget management company. We listen and work intimately with our client. This means all campaigns come with full support, phone and email. Speak to email your account manager directly throughout the day. Major problem? You'll have a mobile.

Comprehensive & Real Time Reporting

We report weekly and monthly and provide all clients with access to a real time dashboard. No smoke and mirrors only real data in real time.

Transparent Pricing

Our fees are based predominantly on a % of spend. We do not 'load' the clicks or add margins on top of click costs, we simply take a flat rate % of spend. Clean and simple, like everything else we do.

Your Team

Meet some of the awesome team members. Always there to help and complete and utter digital geeks.



Social Ambassador and Digital Exec

Lanie is the social one, both in terms of digital social channels and also being the one who is on top of birthdays, pressies and any special occasion. She's learning French so would welcome the odd quiz or two.



Digital Director and the Voice of Reason

Jess looks after everything. Seriously, everything. She is the reason we retain order and stay on track. She loves search and isn't afraid to let you know is your campaign is a lemon. Will is scared of Jess.



Jack of all trades - Our Director

Will can talk about anything digital, just name your channel and he's probably seen the good, the bad and everything in between. Will is afraid of Jess.



Office Megaphone and Marketing Specialist

Paul is our resident megaphone. Chances are you have heard Paul, even if you have never spoken to him. He's also pretty nifty when it comes to digital.