The user journey is complex, let us piece it together using a combination of popular tracking platforms such as Google Analytics and bespoke setups and integrations.

Stuff we can help you with…


Google Analytics

At Web Marketers Crew we love data. Like really love it. We love looking at it, trawling through it, flipping it around, twisting it and digging deep. We do this because data tells a story, a story that teaches us about what works, what doesn’t, for who and why. Knowing the current story allows us to assist in creating better products, better user experiences and better results. We know the consumer journey is a complex one, which is why we take a rounded approach to Analytics using the latest in technology that allows us the greatest insight into user behaviour and website performance.


User Analysis

The downside with Google Analytics is that the data is limited to faceless users (non identifiable). Our advanced user profiling Analytics integrations involve putting faces to your traffic, analysing how people use your site, who they are and their entire user journey. Understanding your users means better business decisions. Ask today about our advanced tracking options and how they can drive your business forward.


Heat and Scroll Mapping

Want to know more about how users interact with your website? What do they click on? How are do they scroll down the page? Heat and scroll mapping is a great way to understand on page behaviours and work out what is working, what is distracting people and what is simply not being utilised. If your website is not converting how you think it should, our heat mapping solutions will help identify bottlenecks in your design.

Your Team

Meet some of the awesome team members. Always there to help and complete and utter digital geeks.



Social Ambassador and Digital Exec

Lanie is the social one, both in terms of digital social channels and also being the one who is on top of birthdays, pressies and any special occasion. She's learning French so would welcome the odd quiz or two.



Digital Director and the Voice of Reason

Jess looks after everything. Seriously, everything. She is the reason we retain order and stay on track. She loves search and isn't afraid to let you know is your campaign is a lemon. Will is scared of Jess.



Jack of all trades - Our Director

Will can talk about anything digital, just name your channel and he's probably seen the good, the bad and everything in between. Will is afraid of Jess.



Office Megaphone and Marketing Specialist

Paul is our resident megaphone. Chances are you have heard Paul, even if you have never spoken to him. He's also pretty nifty when it comes to digital.