Google Penguin 2.0 Is Out… Much of a deal

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Google Penguin 2.0 is out and is the talk of Google space. This was probably one of the most anticipated updated or refreshed in a long time. We have been waiting to see what its effect will be for quite some time.

But not everyone is convinced or think its was that big of a deal. Matt Cutts did state that this latest updated was going to be something that would truly shake up the order and weed out the spam sites. However, when I look at some sites that are ranking against my competitors, who should by all means been slapped years ago by Penguin, they have barely moved. In fact some have improved?!

Did Google not get the result from this update that they originally expected? Did they, like us expect a lot more from the latest version of Penguin? Or did they not want to rock the boat too much?

I’m keeping my eye on updated and the general consensus but was the fear mongering justified or was it a ploy to scare webmasters into sorting their sites out. If so.. very clever.

Read more about Penguin 2.0 here:

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