Google PR Update – November 2012

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For all those PR junkies out there… PR update is out! Keeping in line with its 3 month release schedule (last update was in August) Google today updated its PR rank for the world to see.

Don’t forget that this is merely a quick snapshot and that they could have changed since as the PR is a progressive ‘score’ but we are only given snapshots of it every 3 months or so.

So in 2 months time your PR could be completely different hence there is no need to read into it too much. Plus PR doesn’t take into consideration things such as Panda and Penguin updates. I’m working on turning around a website with a PR of 3 that was hit by Penguin. Its page rank was not affected at all.. but boy was its traffic! Another example are some of the pages on my site. I had them 301 redirect to new pages so they went from a PR 2-3 to PR 0… when in fact I know they are still a solid 2-3. Do I care? Not really.. but I do like that green bar!

In the old days webmasters used to use PR as a guide as to whether they should try and get a link from that page. That used to work as it was updated regularly but now knowing that PR is no a live indication it doesn’t make much sense does it? On top of that, if you are only linking based on PR then if the context isn’t there, or that PR is gathered through questionable means then its certainly something you may wish to stay away from, regardless how big that green bar is!

To me, PR is about Ego and that’s cool. I would like to see my PR higher that the other guys but in time.. check again in 3 months.

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