Learn SEO online – Possible?

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Is SEO something that you can simply learn online? Is there a course available? Degree even? Without sounding cliche, I’ve found the only place to learn SEO is via the school of hard knocks (wow that was cliche).

I learnt SEO from failing a thousand times, then nailing one thing. Failing another thousand times, then nailing another. The key for me was to fail so many thousands of times that eventually I nailed a fair few things!

There was no ‘course’ that was available when I was learning. In fact the only SEO courses available were designed simply so that you learn enough SEO to promote a particular persons product, in order to bring more people into their ‘course’ so they would continue to repeat the cycle. That is why there is the phenomenon of so many people asking questions about how to SEO so they can promote their ‘how to make money online with SEO’ product. Ridiculous but overwhelmingly true.

Another reason such courses struggle to really develop is because SEO changes pretty much on a monthly, if not a weekly, basis. We work differently here at the Web Marketers Crew compared to how we did in say, May. Any course developer has their work cut out to update the thing especially when there is a whole chapter on consistent ‘anchor texts’ and backlink strategies!

Currently there is so much good information out there that if you are a little such, chances are someone is in the same situation and has posted up about their experiences either on some of the big forums (such as this one) or on of the the good industry blogs.

However I just read a pretty cool list of places where you can learn SEO here.

The one thing to note however is that this industry and the skills you develop cannot be gained by simply reading and through theories. You must action them and test them as the results will always throw something up in the air.. possibly a thousand things!


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