New Features in Google Enhanced Campaigns

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Google Enhanced campaign options are growing in functionality of depth. There is still a lot of work for Google to do however here are a few changes which are moving it in the right direction:

1. Automatic Social Annotations

Google is not giving up on their Google+ social network by any means. Now if you have a Google+ page linked to your website (and vice versa) plus a ‘significant’ number of followers. What ‘significant’ actually is I’m not sure but Google does state that search ads that use Social Annotations have a 5-10% higher click-through rate. ¬†So if its free, takes up more real estate and can supposedly lead to more click-throughs then why not?

2. Tap into mobile app traffic.

We know mobile is a big deal and so too are mobile apps. Google Enhanced campaigns now allows advertisers to target mobile app users time of day, location and device. Bid adjusters can then be used to target certain demographics at an adgroup level.

3. Adgroup Bid Adjusters

A great change here, with bid adjusters now allowed within an adgroup as opposed to being campaign level specific. This provides advertisers more control over their bids and better optimisations practices.

4. Opting out of Desktop Targeting

No not really.. but I’m waiting for it! Hopefully soon but not holding my breath on this one.


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