Panda Update 21 Released… Nothing Special

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Again, in what seems like the millionth update for Panda, Google has released its 21st reiteration of its initially feared update. The new one is supposed to affect .4% of world wide search queries and about 1.1% of US based search queries.

Nothing too interesting or significant to note as we have seen this before.. about 21 times. It seems like a monthly update that Google is doing. The key is to keep to unique content flowing and stay away from low quality or thin content scraped from other sources on the net. Pretty straight forward when you get it… amused by the number of webmasters that don’t!

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    Thank you! We haven’t seen any negative results from the gazillion panda updates, but we do stick to the rules. Part of that is constantly working to create fresh, quality content. It’s better to have a handful of authoritative links to really good content than a million mediocre to crap content.


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