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Its official, Enhanced campaigns for Google Adwords will be rolled out on July 22, 2013. This means that on July 22, all campaigns will automatically be changed to becoming Enhanced campaigns.

What should you do?

We recommend not waiting until the rollout to sort out your new campaign structures. I’m not suggestion you move everything over, but start understanding how enhanced campaigns work and build a strategy that you are ready to implement for July 22.

Just find a straight forward multi device campaign, or a campaign that can run on both devices, and opt into Enhanced campaigns so you get a hang of it by playing around with its features. The following is a small checklist of things you shoudl update or look into when you upgrade to enhanced campaigns:

1. Settings

Adwords Enhanced Campaign Settings

The settings tab houses a lot of the changes when you move across to Enhanced campaigns. There are 4 tabs: All Settings, locations, ad-schedule and devices.

This is practically your old settings broken up into 4 tabs. Nothing too technical but easier to use as opposed to scrolling down a page of settings info.

The ‘All Settings’ tab will look familiar to you so lets just move on. Locations show your location settings (obvious?), make sure these are set to where you want your ads to display. You can also include exclusions so if it applies to you, ensure you select your excluded areas.

Device settings enhanced adwords

The devices tab will show you a little more about where enhanced campaigns starts kicking. Next to the Mobile devices with full browsers row you will see the mobile bid adjuster. Click this number work out what you want to increase or decrease the mobile bid by. If you don’t want to show to mobile.. a decrease by 100% should do the trick.

2. Mobile ad selection

Enhanced campaign allow you to select what ad you want to use for mobile. You can see my article about this here. Analyse and make sure you select your preferred ad for mobile.

3. Ad Extensions

Remember since ads will show on both mobile and desktop devices you may want to ensure that you use the appropriate ad extensions for mobile. The most common of these, as well as the most effective for some businesses, is the click to call function. With enhanced campaigns your ad extensions will be ‘upgraded’ automatically. Upgraded ad extensions allows you to do some cool stuff scheduling your extensions, having adgroup specific¬†extensions¬† call only and a load of other stuff which I will write about the other.

4. Mobile landing pages

Its all about mobile with Enhanced adwords so if you are driving traffic to a web page, make sure that its mobile optimised. Check your landing pages on multiple mobile devices to ensure a quality user experience. Don’t think users will convert when they go to a mobile site? Think again, especially if you are in beauty, travel or automotive.

Follow these steps and you should be on your way to successfully integrating with enhanced Adwords.


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